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About Us

Bark ‘n’ Render was set up with a vision of creating a unique offering that filled a gap in the market with high quality, informal catering. 12-hour, oak smoked brisket was our most popular offering and something that was new to the wedding food world

(and very welcomed!).

This soon developed into offering formal sit-down menus alongside our informal options. From 3-course wedding breakfasts to barbecue sharing platters, our focus remains on quality, something that we emphasise in every aspect of the business. At Bark 'n' Render, we want our clients to feel completely confident that their special day is going to run perfectly so we use our experience and understanding to make sure this happens.

The most important part of our job (after serving the most delicious food possible!) is that we provide you and your guests with a personal experience that will ensure your wedding planning is straightforward and fun with food, style and service that's

tailored perfectly to you.

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