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Barbecue Food

Bark ‘n’ Render catering was born from a strong appreciation of great, high quality good food and a serious love of meat. Our food is inspired by Central Texas pit-style barbecue - the meat is smoked traditionally and served simply. We proudly cook on an offset, Texas style smoker over seasoned oak wood. These components deliver the succulent flavours that smoking was created for.


Our wedding and party catering is a premium alternative to a hog roast, our main offerings being brisket and pork burgers served in a delicious brioche bun with house slaw, fresh pickles and homemade barbecue sauce. These are paired with delicious, unique sides that compliment the flavours of the meat perfectly. All of the produce we serve is of the highest quality and we have worked hard to perfect the food we create.

At Bark 'n' Render, we believe that the most important part of our job (after serving the most delicious food possible) is that we provide you and your guests with a personal experience. That's why we'll always take the time to check that everyone has enjoyed their food and find out if they'd like seconds!


So, whether you're looking for an evening caterer to pop up at your wedding or wanting to impress your business clients at work, we'll ensure the food, style and service is tailored perfectly to you.

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