Canapés set the tone for the meal that you and your guests are about to enjoy. That's why we, as your wedding caterer, always make the best impression possible through the food we offer upon your arrival. 



What would you prefer to see; lemon meringue pies, chocolate brownies or roasted almond tarts? Choose one or have all three! As a wedding caterer, we focus on every aspect of the menu and service. Our platter style not only impresses but also allows service to run perfectly.

Wedding Breakfast


We offer a complete range of wedding breakfast styles, from three course formal menus to sharing platters and everything inbetween. If you have a vision for your wedding meal, let us know and we will make sure we can provide it. Furthermore, if you are looking for the complete wedding package which can include tableware, service equipment and table linen and even calligraphy stationery, we can help you and bring your vision to life. We will make sure that your wedding planning is as easy and fun as possible.