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Our bar service boasts a unique range of local Hampshire and Surrey alcohol, including specially selected local gins and craft beers as well as all-natural, traditional moonshine.

We put a lot of time into selecting each and every one of our premium drinks, choosing them based on their unique taste and dedicated creators.

We are proud of how unique our bar is and strive to ensure that our clients and their guests are impressed. Our custom made, solid oak bar accompanies our food stand perfectly but can also make a statement by itself.

Our local craft beers are available from the tap as a pint or as a bottle/tin and custom labels are available, if booked within enough time, prior to the event.

As with Bark ‘n’ Render catering, we are flexible with what we offer so always encourage you to give us a call to chat through exactly what it is you are looking for so that we can tailor a menu to you and your event. Our mobile bar can be run exclusively at your event or alongside Bark ‘n’ Render catering. Whatever it is you are looking for, our fully trained staff will work closely with you to ensure your event runs as smoothly as possible.

Our bar is available to book for any event, including your wedding, party or festival.

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